August 28, 2009

T Salon in Chelsea Market

During my first visit to Chelsea Market in the Chelsea district of NYC, I came across the T Salon, an inviting space (see for yourself in the above photograph). I walked through the store looking at the teas and tea wares. While I was not impressed with the wares,

I was taken with the fact the T Salon is "the first environmentally sustainable tea bar - cafe - market in the world." What makes it so? Biodegradable packaging, corn-plastic cups and to-go containers, and organic teas and foods. I must return to drink the tea!


  1. Looks like a wonderful place, and it's great that they use biodegradable disposables. I'll look forward to hearing how the tea is...

  2. I love this stuff! I wish the biodegradables were more popular already. It would be nice to see more serious efforts like them done in America to lighten the footprint. Especially in the tea community. --Spirituality of Tea

  3. Thank you Jamie and Jason.


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