May 27, 2009

Tea winnings - Andrews & Dunham

I'm one of the Tea on Tap "ID That Tea" contest winners. Technically I won a tin of Andrews & Dunham Ceylon but Jamie also included almost a full tin of the Dragonwell. Thanks Jamie!

The Ceylon and Dragonwell are part of Series 1 along with Nepal. The teas arrived in beautifully decorated tins - "unique, hand-printed label[s]."

I've prepared the Dragonwell several times and love it. The smell of the loose leaves is slightly chocolate and heady. The brew is sweet and creamy, almost like black tea with milk and sugar, but the green-ness of this tea still shines through. Stay tuned for the Ceylon review By the way, Andrews & Dunham is located in Maryland.

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  1. We got a shout-out from Damn Fine Tea (Andrews & Dunham) @ twitter @bygeorgia.


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