November 16, 2008

Sip tea in downtown Los Angeles

The downtown Los Angeles teahouse, siptea, was featured in today's Sunday Times. I was smitten by the photograph of the "handmade porcelain cups" with lids. The Web site claims the teahouse is a combination of art and science; certainly the web design is very artistic. The art of tea includes the tea cup, the tea pot, the ritual/ceremony, and steeping time, while the science of tea includes the steeping time, the water temperature, the tea amount and the type of water. The latter is interesting. Siptea uses spring or filtered water and discourages the use of distilled water. Two more interesting facts about siptea: the teahouse has a two-page menu of food ("nourish") and tea and coffee ("sip") and was founded by Laura Stewart who "at age 12,...started working at a bakery in New Hampshire."

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