September 05, 2008

I heart the glass tea thermos

Photo: Amazon

Read Cinnabar's review of the tea thermos on Gongfu Girl.


  1. Have you tried this, Georgia? Any comments of your own to add? I'll admit, I love the look, and the idea, but since I drink black tea throughout the day, I'm hesitant to let the leaves just steep in there for long...

  2. Hello Jamie!

    I don't own a glass thermos, nor have I used one, but I "heart" the idea of one. I have not seen any in local stores but will keep looking. I would prefer to buy it locally than order from an online vendor.

  3. In my experience, the only teas that work really well in atea thermos like this are Chinese green teas, especially dragonwell or bi luo chun. Black teas get oversteeped too quickly.

    Some oolongs (the greener the better) would probably be ok too, and I know some folks who would use pu-erh, but I haven't tried them and just stick with dragonwell usually.

  4. Good point Christopher.

  5. Hi again! I'd love to, but it's not mine to change. It's an excerpt from an article by Elin Headrick. You can read the full article on World Tea News; it's linked in my post.


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