August 17, 2008

Herbal infusions at Café Leila

After a 45-minute walk, at a mostly brisk pace, I wanted refreshment instead of stimulation, so I ordered an infusion at Café Leila on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. I met two friends for a lunch tea. WLA also ordered an infusion, the Fire Ginseng made with Korean red ginseng roots. My infusion sounded more promising that it tasted. I ordered the Jamaican Red Bush. I did not detect the roiboos, the second listed ingredient. WLA thought ginseng would be close in flavor to ginger; it is not. She described her infusion as “more herbal in flavor” and felt it would be a “good flushing tea.” W. thinks the infusion could be improved by boosting the cinnamon, black pepper, and orange zest flavors. (CC ordered a coffee.)

Fire Ginseng

Unlike my experience with the infusion, I was very satisfied with my lunch. The salad was generous and fresh tasting. The lemon-vanilla cake was moist with well balanced flavors. I heartily recommend the cake.

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