July 27, 2008

Tea service at the Boston Harbor Hotel

Thinking about my friend L.'s move to Singapore for a two-year post-doc calls to mind two tea services at Intrigue Cafe at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The most recent tea was shared with family; my mother, husband, and a brother-in-law and L.'s parents. Like the first time we had tea at the hotel, our table was covered with rose petals, pictured below. L. and I shook with giggles the first time we saw the petal-covered table. We knew we had to return.

Of the tea services at Boston hotels - the Ritz on the Public Garden, the Four Seasons also on the Public Garden, and the Boston Harbor Hotel - our favorite is the Boston Harbor Hotel. The cafe is relaxed yet elegant and the view is wonderful: the water, people walking along the pier, and various watercraft coming and going from the dock.

The tea is well-prepared; hot and with beautiful accouterments. Most recently I ordered an oolong. The first time at the hotel, I think I ordered an assam. The hotel's tea tray is spectacular, generous, and delicious; three tiers of breads, savories, and sweets. Our group of seven ordered two tea trays, one of which is pictured full (above) and almost empty (below).

The savories were the most popular items followed by the sweets and then the breads. I was seated in the center of the table and was able to eat from both trays. My sweet tooth was satisfied. I will miss L., especially our tea adventures, but look forward to new ones in Singapore!

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