June 13, 2008

Three teas from Premium Steap

My first experience with Premium Steap was at its Philadelphia tea store last summer. I bought two ounces of Black with Apple Caramel tea which I judiciously brewed because it was so delicious. It was ideal at anytime of day; it was an especially great dessert tea. When my husband traveled to Philadelphia this spring I asked him to buy me some more of the tea.

Black with Apple Caramel was not available in the store (it is now available online), but Black (India) Flavored Caramel was in store and it is just as delicious. The black tea was one of three that my husband purchased on recommendation from tea purveyor Peggy Stephens. According to my husband, Peggy was surprised that an East Bay-er would purchase tea from Philly because the East Bay is well-known for its teas.

The two other Steap teas are Green (China) Snow Buds and Green (China) Flavored Papaya-Pineapple. The green snow buds has an incredibly floral bouquet though the taste is one of a premium green tea. The flavored green also has a floral bouquet and this is imparted to the brew. Peggy suggested this tea as an iced brew which would have been perfect for earlier this week when Berkeley's daily temperatures were quite high. A cool front is moving in which is a good thing for fires south of the East Bay. I am drinking the flavored green on ice as I write this post and it is refreshing despite the cooler weather.

If you are in Philadelphia, I recommend a visit to Premium Steap (aka Wayne Tea Salon) at 111 S. 18th Street. Otherwise, you can purchase the teas online.

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