May 26, 2008

Teapot displays and exhibitions

For its showing of the documentary "All in This Tea," the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum in Berkeley organized a small window display of teapots, including the ones shown below.

The Denver Art Museum exhibit "Design After 1900" features four teapots, show below. From left to right, Emisfera Teapot (1985) by Gabriele De Vicchi; Principessa Teapot from Turadot Service (1990-91) by Constantino Dardi; Teapot (with coffeepot and tray, 1980-83) by Robert Venturi (an architect!); and Teapot, Sugar Bowl, and Creamer (circa 1900) by Maurice Dufrene.

The teapots at the de Young Museum are part of the Diane and Sandy Besser Collection. Unlike the teapots at Hearst and Denver, the teapots at the de Young are not functional. Each teapot was created with a political, social, or environmental message. For example, the Bird Teapot by Jason Walker, pictured below, is a commentary on the impacts of energy consumption and on birds (note that the bluebird has swallowed an incandescent light bulb).

Homeless, 1990, Ann Agee; Bird Teapot, Jason Walker

Soldier II (Bottle), 1930, George Walker; Hitler Idaho, 2003, Charles Krafft

Picasso/ Warhol Teapot, 2002, Noi Volkov; Teapot, 1997, Tom Rippon

Whirlwind Unguarded Love, 1997, Sugei Isvpov; Orlando, 2003, Irina Zaytceva

World Trade Center 1996, 2002, David Regan; Zoomorphic Teapot, 1993, Michael Lucero

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  1. very cool looking teapots at the de Young!


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