May 20, 2008

Silk Roads's Pu-Erh

I steeped my last cake of Silk Roads's Pu-erh. A mini-cake purchased at Whole Foods Berkeley. Pu-erh cakes are a fascinating form of tea to steep. The compact, hard ball of leaves disintegrates into a mush of undifferentiated leaves. My pu-erh is of high qulity provenance. Silk Roads Teas was formed by David Lee Hoffman, famous tea purveyor and subject of the Les Blank documentary, All in This Tea.

Almost immediately after pouring water over leaves, trails of red liquid flowed from the tea basket. I over-steeped by two minutes yielding a very dark red tea, but the taste was not at all bitter. It was robust and earthy. At $5 for two small cakes I am not sure I will purchase this tea again, but I recommend it.

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