May 08, 2008

Lei Ch'a or ground tea

This post was edited on May 10, 2008: a photograph was added.

I am sick. I have a dry sore throat and flu-like symptoms. Master Lam Kam Chuen in The Way of Tea recommends honey and lemon tea for a dry sore throat, but I don't have honey or red tea though I can easily get the third ingredient - a lemon. My neighbor has a fruitful tree. I decided to prepare the Lei Ch'a or ground tea.

Lei ch'a ingredients: green tea, ginger slices, rice

I have green tea (China gunpowder from Upton Tea Imports) and fresh root ginger. I substituted whole gran instant rice for uncooked long grain white rice. To 1 teaspoon of green tea and 1 dessert spoon of rice, I added three thin slices of ginger. I ground these together with the back of the dessert spoon, added the ground to my strainer, and steeped for three minutes. According to Master Lam Kam Chuen, the ingredients should be ground into a fine paste which is then added to boiling water and stirred clockwise for 1-2 minutes, removed from the heat, cooled, and served.

Two tall cups later, my throat is feeling better. I am less congested and there is a lovely, warm ginger taste on my tongue. You do not have to be sick to drink this tea - this is a great anytime tea.

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