December 02, 2007

It's pouring tea

"When it rains, it pours" goes the old saying. In the past month, I have received three tea packages. The first was a tea guide to the San Francisco Bay Area. The book was followed by an order of four teas I placed with Upton Tea Imports. The third package was The Way of Tea, a birthday present. I enjoyed reading the latter and will share some interesting tea-bits in a future post. I am still reading the tea guide and hope to develop and share a few itineraries with you.

The Upton teas: I've drunken several cups of the Hyson China Green and enjoyed each one. (It is a good pairing with jasmine pearls.) I have yet to prepare the Bond Street English Breakfast, the Extra Bergamot English Earl Grey (I can smell the extra bergamot through the tin), or the Baker Street Afternoon Blend. The teas are part of the Old South Meeting House Sampler. The meeting house is located in Boston, MA and a portion of the tea sales support the landmark.

top: left, English Breakfast; right, Afternoon Blend
bottom: left, Earl Grey; right, Green

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