August 12, 2007

Herbal tea with a chocolate nose

Post Alley Cappuccino steeped on July 7

As I type this post, a cup of Post Alley Cappuccino is steeping. The tea is listed as a herb tisane - it has Rooibos, toffee, and flowers - but my hands smell like chocolate; like a really good hot chocolate with marshmallows. I dug in the bag to add another toffee bit to my steeping spoon. The toffee bits are an excellent ingredient!

I purchased the tea from the Perennial Tea Room in Seattle, near the Public Market. (Read the crumpet post to learn about another good tea experience near the Public Market.) The minimum purchase at Perennial is 2 oz but the nice tea lady sold me 1 oz. Tonight I realized that I had been using a teaspoon too many. The directions state 1 tsp/cup, but I have been using closer to 2 tsp per steep. Oh well...more chocolate flavor for me!

Tasting notes
Nose: chocolate; some caramel
Body: rich
Caffeine: none (Rooibos base)
Water temperature: full boil
Steep time: 5 minutes


  1. Chocolate and marshmellows...that sounds seriously yummy! Do you know if they have a web site?

  2. Yes they do! and the email address is cleverly - tealadies at


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