August 07, 2007

Crumpets and (bailin gong fu) tea

Seattle is known for its coffee (Starbucks, Seattle's Best Coffee), but I was more excited by the city's tea offerings. A friend and I had crumpets and tea one afternoon at The Crumpet Shop located near the Public Market.

For my first crumpet experience, I ordered the nutella crumpet (recommended by my friend, S, and the server). The Crumpet Shop had a good selection of teas. I ordered a cup of Bailin Gongfu (another first) which was served in a large glass mug with a plastic steeping cup. BG is not "English Teatime." I like the Bigelow tea, but BG was a great complement to my crumpet. The leaves were even and large providing lots of full, smooth flavour.

I do not know the provenance of the Bailin Gongfu I drank in Seattle, but The Half-Dipper wrote a comparison of the 2007 and 2000 BG.

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