June 24, 2007

Out-of-town tea

On an April drive through Duncan Mills from Jenner (by-the-Sea), I missed an opportunity to visit the Horse and Butterfly Tea Room.

I told myself that the next time I noticed a tea room, I would stop and have a cup of tea. Recently, another opportunity presented itself in Sebastopol. After an almost vegan salad and pizza dinner, I went to the neighboring tea shop, Infusions, to buy a cup of tea. The purchasing experience was mostly fraught with difficulties (the manager appeared to have had a "long day"). The very helpful assistant sold me a linen bag of mint blend.

I drank my infusion several days after the purchase and despite the brusque attitude of the manager, the tea was lively with various mints and a possessed a honey sweetness (no sweetener added).

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  1. Well, at least the tea redeemed the tearoom. The one time I went into our local tea shop, I had a similar (though masked in pleasantries) experience, and though the tea was good, I haven't been back. Perhaps someday I'll venture in again...

    Glad the tea was enjoyable. :-)


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