April 26, 2007

An invitation to fine tea

This phrase graced the package of tea in my hotel room in Calgary. The room was poshly decorated. The Hyatt offers its hotel room furnishings through a catalgue! Based on this, I assumed I would be introduced to an altogether new tea or one that I had admired from afar (that is, one I knew but could not afford to purchse). It was neither. It was simply Bigelow's: English Breakfast and Green teas. I like Bigelow; it is a fine tea, but I can buy it at my neighborhood grocer and in most other places. I did not use the bags. I left them for the next guest.


  1. I probably would have left them too. Biglow produces nice flavored teas, but for an upscale hotel? I'd have expected better as well. Too bad it wasn't something truely decadent to try...

  2. I agree. I was expecting a British tea.


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