October 21, 2006

Selection of tea offerings

In and around the East Bay there are great places to drink tea. Here are a few tea menus.

Adagia (Berkeley)
Green tea - Genmai Cha Green;
Black tea - Nepal Black, Yunnan Black, Lapsang Souchang, Earl Grey;
Herbal - Moroccan Mint, Linden Herbal, Sevan Blend Herbal

Peets Coffee & Tea
Green tea - Jasmine Fancy;
Tea blends - English Breakfast, Early Grey with Bergamot, Masala Chai, Summer House Iced;
Herbal - Hibiscus C Blend, Xiao's Blend

Modern Tea (San Francisco)
Green tea - Jo Genmaicha, China Green, Lu Shan Clouds & Mist, Dragonwell;
Black tea - Assam Breakfas, Keemun Hao Ya, Nepal, Seven Sons Beencha Pu-erh, Yunnan, Wild Tea Blossoms, Ti Kuan Yin Mao Cha #1, Taiwan Beauty;
Herbal - Osmanthus Silver Needle, Elderflower Nectar, Persimmon Leaf, Sevan Blend, Special Linden, fresh local herbs

Samovar Tea Lounge (San Francisco)
Tea Service - English (blend black tea), Japanese (Ryokucha green tea), Moorish (sweet minty green tea), Russian (Russian-blend black tea);
Whites (2), green (9), oolong (6), black (13), pu-erh (6), herbals (12)

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