September 30, 2006

Modern Tea and galette

A few weeks ago, I had my first slice of galette, strawberry plum to be exact. My friend, Maura and I had morning tea at Modern Tea in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco.

I was also introduced to the idea of the herb-of-the-day tea. The local herb was mint. I was hoping for lavender or lemon verbena or a mix of mint/ lavender/ lemon verbena/ thyme/ amaranth. Plain mint seemed too ordinary. I ordered the Armenian Special Linden described as "light and buttery with a soft aroma and a natural honey-like sweetness." It was indeed buttery with natural honey sweetness.

Special Linden

I have forgotton Maura's tea order (it might have been Persimmon Leaf or Elderflower Nectar), but the brew was very light in color and subtle in taste.

Persimmon Leaf or Elderflower Nectar

Other teas with friends
Elevated tea service at Far Leaves
Berkeley's Imperial Tea Court
Sunday afternoon tea
Two friends at the Samovar Tea Lounge

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