September 17, 2006

Electric brewing

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Have you seen it? The triniTEA Electric Tea Maker by Adagio Teas?

Whenever my office gets too cold (or I need a study break), I walk across the street to a local cafe. I usually get coffee, but if it is a warm day, I order a half iced-tea, half lemonade (an Arnold Palmer). I often dream of making a pot of tea, but the only heating device is a microwave, a poor option.

Recently I discovered the triniTEA. The tea maker heats 32 ounces of water and steeps tea leaves using a variable timer and temperature control. According to adagio teas, these two features "adjusts the strength of an infusion, ensuring a perfect cup of tea each time."

The tea maker is quite expensive at $99. It would make a nice birthday gift in late November!

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