August 20, 2006

Elevated tea service at Far Leaves

I can check off one of the tea rooms on my Tea Rooms List. Recently, I drank tea with my friend E.S. at Far Leaves in the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley. We chose two kinds of tea; Apricot Tea, a flavored ceylon (me) and Blood Orange (E.S.), an herbal infusion, described as follows: this drink combines the depth of fine marmalade with the whimsy of childhood kool-aid.
We were seated at an elevated wooden coach (see first photo) which looked rather like a daybed (I think the owner referred to the piece as a bed). It required some flexibility to seat ourselves. Once seated, we had great time. E.S. and I had not seen each other for two weeks and afternoon tea is always a good way to catch-up with a friend. Plus, the teas were just what we needed on a hot afternoon.

By the way, the owner offered us cherry tomatoes from his garden, a great combination with tea.

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Note: I have been to the Imperial Tea Court.

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