July 10, 2006

Tea rooms and tea objects


Source: Way of Tea (Cantile 1971)
Top-left: image from
The Tea Room (Kakuzo 2000)

Top-right: The Totsutotsu-sai
tearoom at Urasenke, from

Left: A mizuya (prep area) at


Left: Small tetsubin (iron kettle)
used on the tea tray
Top-right: Ashiya tea kettle
Bottom-right: Wooden faro

Top-left: Famous Kenzan bowl
Top-right: Hagiware bowl
Bottom-left: Ko Hagi bowl
- Bottom-right: Taishugohon ware
(region of Korea)

Source: Way of Tea (Cantile 1971)
Raku bowls

Top-left: Keinyu, 11th generation
Top-right: Konyu, 12th generation
Bottom-left: Hagi style
Bottom-right: Urasenke Grand
Master Tantansai's design

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