July 19, 2006

Tea companies on the rise

Mike Spector's Wall Street Journal article reports that there are 2000 tea houses in the U.S. and tea sales were $6.2 billion last year. Tea became as "convenient as bottled juice and soda" with the advent of Snapple Iced Tea.There are four exceptional tea companies : Tealife which operates Tempest Tea in Dallas; TeaGschwendner, a German company with its first U.S. store in Chicago; Foodx Globe, a Japanese company with its first green tea bar - Koots - in Seattle, and Teavana based in Atlanta with 50 stores nationwide.

TeaGschwendner, Chicago
Tempest Tea, Dallas
Koots Green Tea Shop, Seattle
Teavana locations

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  1. The original Peets on Cedar in Berkeley CA always served tea alongside coffee.


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