June 27, 2006

Sunday afternoon tea

Tea Menu
American Classic tea
Watermelon-feta Salad,
with Water Wheel Crispbread
Strawberry Shortcakes
Gille Galletas Doble de Chocolate
(purchased from Trader Joe's)

On June 25, we hosted an afternoon tea for two friends. This was the first time we held a tea in Berkeley and the first time our friends had been to a tea. We wanted to share the delicious black tea we brought back from Charleston. We also wanted to prepare the watermelon-feta salad and strawberry shortcakes recipes we found on Bakingsheet.

When I cut the watermelon the fruit was anything but the vibrant red I associate with a ripe, juicy watermelon. I was very disappointed with the appearance of the fruit but the taste was not unpleasant. In fact, it complemented the salty and creamy tastes of the two fetas as well as the lemon-peppery parsley. I refrigerated the salad for an hour and on serving the flavors had blended well.

The strawberry shortcakes were easy to prepare. We had purchased wonderfully red, sweet strawberries from Berkeley Bowl, my favorite grocery store. The mascarpone cheese whipped easily with a bit of milk and sugar. I spread generous portions of mascarpone on both sides of the shortcakes which our friends appreciated.

We made changes to the recipes as follows:
3/4 of a large watermelon
2 0z of a French goat feta
2 oz of a Greek feta
a generous handful of Italian parsley
4 Forno di Andronico All Butter Short Cakes (perfect!)
6 oz (Castelli) mascarpone cheese
enough milk to whip and cane sugar to taste

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