May 03, 2006

Future tea tastings, part 2

On February 2, 2006 I posted a list of three local tea houses I wanted to visit.
  • Deep Roots Urban Teahouse in Fruitvale, Oakland
  • Far Leaves on College Avenue, Berkeley
  • Teance, Albany
Three months and many cups of tea later, I have not been to any of the places on the list. In fact, the list has expanded to include:
  • Imperial Tea Court, Epicurious Garden on Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
  • Teacake Bake Shop on Bay Street, Emeryville. I don't know if they serve tea but the Apricot Almond cookie and the Lemon Buttermilk cupcake would complement my beloved black teas. The shop's name is very suggestive: Teacake!

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