February 28, 2008

High Mountain Dark Roast: Drinking oolong at Teance

Two old friends saddle up to the tea bar at Teance. One presents a coupon for T42 which was given to her at a Teance tea sampling at Berkeley Bowl. The other looks at the rather, unsure what to order as she is a coffee drinker. The tea drinker asks the server to recommend an oolong; she has been drinking a lot of green teas. The server recommends High Mountain Dark Roast. The listing is not accompanied by a description, but both friends agree, from steep one to steep 6, that it is buttery and yeasty. Our server is the owner's brother. He thinks the tea drinker's enthusiasm could get a her a job at Teance. He tells the friends other things. He tells them that gaiwan means covered cup (the tea drinker already knew this - a gaiwan is on her wishlist). He tells them that red tea is the same as black tea; it is called red tea in China and Taiwan because of the color of the brew.

Royal Courtesan oolong, sample of the day

The photos are not necessarily arranged in chronological order.

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